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any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones

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For the first time, Bel­gian cho­reo­graph­er Jan Martens presents a wide-scale piece ima­gined for the main stage with an atyp­ic­al corps de bal­let com­posed of 17 unique per­son­al­it­ies with a strong com­mit­ment against oppres­sion and assignations.

Any attempt will end in crushed bod­ies and shattered bones. Which attempt? Are we talk­ing about res­ist­ance, inde­pend­ence, eman­cip­a­tion? By bor­row­ing the title of his new piece from a threat issued by Chinese pres­id­ent to pro­test­ers in Hong Kong who took to the streets to demand more inde­pend­ence, Jan Martens gives the piece a polit­ic­al dimen­sion. He was inspired by a glob­al wave of prot­est­a­tions from the Black Lives Mat­ter move­ment to young people’s cli­mate protests and women’s marches in the USA and Chile. How can we step out of line? Can immob­il­ity be a form of res­ist­ance? Martens’ cho­reo­graph­ic writ­ing plays on the lines and links between the indi­vidu­al and the group: each per­former can claim its place on stage without restrict­ing the oth­ers’ move­ments. The piece also show­cases the diversity of bod­ies and pro­poses a way of com­ing togeth­er as a soci­ety, of find­ing unity in het­ero­gen­eity, with 17 dan­cers of dif­fer­ent ages (from 18 to 71!), eth­ni­cit­ies, and with a dif­fer­ent dance back­ground. any attempt… high­lights the unique value of each indi­vidu­al and the col­lect­ive res­ist­ance to oppres­sion, inequal­it­ies or cli­mate threats, per­formed to the sound of protest songs from dif­fer­ent styles and eras, from Kae Tem­pest to Max Roach & Abbey Lin­coln or Henryk Górecki.

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Cho­reo­graphy Jan Martens
Dan­cers Ty Boomer­shine, Truus Bronk­horst, Jim Buskens, Zoë Chun­gong, Piet Defrancq, Naomi Gib­son, Kimmy Ligt­voet, Cher­ish Menzo, Steven Michel, Ges­ine Moog, Dan Mus­sett, Wolf Over­meire, Tim Persent, Court­ney May Robertson, Laura Van­borm, Loeka Wille­ms and – altern­ately – Pierre Bastin, Geor­gia Bod­dez, Zora West­broek or Lia Witjes-Poole, Cam­illa Bundel, Paolo Yao [on tour], Abi­gail Aleksander, Mais­ie Wood­ford, Simon Lelievre, Solal Mari­otte [under­stud­ies], Bap­tiste Caza­ux [ori­gin­al cast]
Artist­ic Assist­ant Anne-Lise Brevers
Light design Jan Fedinger assisted by Vito Walter
Cos­tumes Cédric Charli­er assisted by Alex­an­dra Sebbag and Thibault Kuhn
Advisors Marc Van­runxt, Renée Copraij, Rudi Meule­mans and Sis­ka Baeck
Text excerpt from SPRING by Ali Smith. ©2019, Ali Smith, used with the per­mis­sion of The Wylie Agency Limited
Music Henryk Górecki, Kae Tem­pest, Max Roach & Abbey Lin­coln / Con­certo pour Clave­cin et Cordes Op 40” Réf Im: 108884 Music by Henryk Mikolaj Górecki © PWM Edi­tions rep­res­en­ted by Alphonse Leduc Edi­tions Musicales ; “People’s Faces” writ­ten by Kae Tem­pest and Dan Carey © Pub­lished and Admin­istered by Dom­ino Pub­lish­ing Com­pany Lim­ited (50%) and MANATA LTD Admin­is­trated by Warner/Chappell Music Bel­gi­um N.V. (50%); “Trip­tych: Prayer/Protest/Peace” writ­ten by Max­well Roach © Pub­lished by Milma Pub­lish­ing Com­pany Admin­istered by Kobalt Music Pub­lish­ing Limited.
Tech­nic­al dir­ect­or Michel Spang
Tech­ni­cians Valentijn Weyn and Ben­nert Vancottem
Pro­duc­tion man­ager Sylvie Svanberg
Dur­a­tion 90 minutes

Pro­duc­tion : GRIP
Pro­duc­tion man­ager : Sylvie Svanberg
In col­lab­or­a­tion with : Dance On Ensemble
Inter­na­tion­al PR: A Prop­ic / Line Rousseau and Mari­on Gauvent
Cop­ro­duc­tion : DE SINGEL / Theat­er Freiburg / Sadler’s Wells / Jul­id­ans / Fest­iv­al d’Avignon/ Le Gym­nase, CDCN Roubaix Hauts-de-France / Nor­rland­s­op­er­an / La Bâtie, Fest­iv­al de Genève / ADC, Asso­ci­ation pour la Danse Con­tem­po­raine Genève / tan­zhaus nrw Düs­sel­dorf / Le Par­vis, Scène nationale Tarbes-Pyrénées / La Danse en grande forme – Pro­jet de l’A‑CDCN et de l’ACCN : Cndc – Angers / Malandain Bal­let Biar­ritz / La Man­u­fac­ture, CDCN Nou­velle-Aquitaine Bor­deaux La Rochelle / CCN de Caen en Nor­man­die / L’Échangeur, CDCN Hauts-de-France / CCN de Nantes / CCN d’Orléans / Atelier de Par­is CDCN / Col­lec­tif Faire CCN de Rennes et de Bretagne / Le Gym­nase, CDCN Roubaix, Hauts-de-France / POLE-SUD, CDCN / La Place de La Danse, CDCN Toulouse Occit­an­ie / Perpodium
Sup­por­ted by: De Grote Post, Charleroi danse – Centre choré­graph­ique de Wal­lonie-Bruxelles, CCNO, Centre Choré­graph­ique Nation­al d’Orléans eca Théâtre d’Orléans and Decem­ber Dance – Con­cer­t­ge­bouw, CC Brugge
Fin­an­cial sup­port : the Flanders gov­ern­ment, the city of Ant­werp, the Bel­gian fed­er­al gov­ern­ment Tax Shel­ter, Cro­nos Invest
Thank you to: Mr. Jean Chabert (STANLEY/STELLA), Nad­ine Sch­euer, Wannes Labath and de! Kunsthumaniora


With the Comédie de Caen — CDN de Nor­man­die, Fest­iv­al Ecrit­ures partagées

Thursday March 16 after the show

Where and when

March 2023

  • 16
    Comédie de Caen, Théâtre d'Hérouville 8:00 pm
  • 17
    Comédie de Caen, Théâtre d'Hérouville 8:00 pm