Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie.

CANCELLATION: As part of the mobilization against the pension reform, the public opening of Latifa Laâbissi and Antonia Baehr around their next creation "Colors and Numbers" will not take place on Thursday March 23 at 7 p.m.

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The Centre Choré­graph­ique Nation­al de Caen en Nor­man­die is a loi 1901 asso­ci­ation – Presided by François-Xavi­er Hauville – Dir­ec­ted by Alban Richard
We are sup­por­ted by the Min­istry of Cul­ture – DRAC Nor­man­die, the Nor­mandy region, the city of Caen, the depart­ments of Cal­va­dos, Manche, and Orne. Our inter­na­tion­al pro­jects are sup­por­ted by the French Insti­tute, Onda and Odia Normandy.

Centre Choré­graph­ique Nation­al de Caen en Normandie
Halle aux granges, 11–13 rue du Carel, BP 75411
14054 CAEN cedex 4 – France
+33 (0)2 31 85 83 94

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Heads of pub­lic­a­tion: Alban Richard and Cath­er­ine Meneret

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