Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie.

CANCELLATION: As part of the mobilization against the pension reform, the public opening of Latifa Laâbissi and Antonia Baehr around their next creation "Colors and Numbers" will not take place on Thursday March 23 at 7 p.m.

Calico Mingling, Katema, Reclining Rondo, Particular Reel

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Cho­reo­graph­er Ruth Childs reprises four per­form­ances cre­ated by her aunt Lucinda Childs in the 1970s, a key moment in the career of a major fig­ure of con­tem­por­ary dance and in the his­tory of dance itself. 

Fol­low­ing her ongo­ing trans­mis­sion pro­ject she star­ted in 2015 with the reprise of three 1960’s soli by Lucinda Childs, cho­reo­graph­er Ruth Childs now turns to an essen­tial peri­od in her aunt’s career – the 1970’s, the era pre­ced­ing Dance, her 1979 mas­ter­piece danced to the incred­ible music by Philip Glass. The six­teen pieces she cho­reo­graphed at that time are all danced in silence, to the sound of the per­formers’ steps; Lucinda Childs explores fur­ther her cho­reo­graph­ic pro­ject focus­ing on simple ges­tures, like walk­ing or hop­ping. These pieces often have one or two basic sequences which are gradu­ally com­plexi­fied – in vari­ations and repe­ti­tions which give the dance its pro­foundly mov­ing hyp­not­ic qual­ity. Ruth Childs also kept one of the ori­gin­al fun­da­ment­als, the 40x40ft square where the per­form­ance unfolds; she chose a quatuor (Calico Ming­ling, 1973), a trio (Reclin­ing Rondo ‚1975), and two soli (Par­tic­u­lar Reel, 1973, and Katema, 1978) to cel­eb­rate the inventiv­ity of these con­struc­tions based on lin­ear and cir­cu­lar tra­ject­or­ies. More than a simple homage to her aunt, this pro­gram is the bril­liant demon­stra­tion of the influ­ence that the rad­ic­al­ity and sim­pli­city of her pieces have had on dance history.

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Par­tic­u­lar Reel, Katema
Cho­reo­graphy Lucinda Childs
Dance Ruth Childs
Assist­ant Ty Boomer­shine
Light design­er Joana Oliveira
Cos­tumes Séver­ine Besson

Calico Ming­ling, Reclin­ing Rondo
Cho­reo­graphy Lucinda Childs
Dance Stéphanie Bayle, Ruth Childs, Anne Dela­haye, Pau­line Wassermann
Assist­ant Ty Boomershine
Light design­er Joana Oliveira
Cos­tumes Séver­ine Besson

Dur­a­tion 70 minutes

Pro­duc­tion Com­pag­nie SCARLETT’S
Del­eg­ated pro­duc­tion and PR Tutu Production
Cop­ro­duc­tion La Bâtie Fest­iv­al de Genève, Arsen­ic — Centre d’art scé­nique con­tem­po­rain, Lausanne
Sup­por­ted by: the city of Geneva, Pro Hel­ve­tia – the Swiss cul­tur­al found­a­tion, the Fond­a­tion Suisse des Artistes Inter­prètes, Fond Mécén­at SIG, Fond­a­tion Nestlé pour l’art, Stan­ley Thomas John­son Found­a­tion, Ernst Göh­ner Stiftung,
Tour sponsored by: Pro Hel­ve­tia, Can­ton de Genève, Corod­is, Loter­ie Romande, Pour­cent cul­turel Migros.


With the Caen Theatre

Wed­nes­day May 03 after the show

Where and when

May 2023

  • 03
    ccn de Caen en Normandie 8:00 pm
  • 04
    ccn de Caen en Normandie 8:00 pm