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François Gremaud presents both a (re)reading and a new per­form­ance of the fam­ous bal­let Gis­elle, as a love let­ter to the per­form­ing arts and the per­formers who make the art form what it is. His joy, exulta­tion and curi­os­ity will be embod­ied by dan­cer Sam­antha van Wissen.

A mas­ter­piece and the arche­type of Romantic bal­let, Gis­elle (1841) presents a naive young peas­ant girl who dies after learn­ing that the man she loves, Albrecht, is a noble­man engaged to a prin­cess. The queen of the Wil­is – young girls turned into ghosts for hav­ing danced too much – sen­tences Albrecht to dance to his death, but the spir­it of Gis­elle saves him by dan­cing with him. With his Gis­elle… and its ellip­sis con­vey­ing lib­er­a­tion, François Gremaud cre­ated an (almost) solo for Sam­antha van Wis­sem, who has worked extens­ively with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker; in the piece, van Wis­sem starts by attempt­ing to talk about the bal­let and ends up telling its story and per­form­ing it. The piece stays faith­ful to the ori­gin­al lib­retto by Théo­phile Gau­ti­er, the music by Adol­phe Adam (adap­ted by Luca Anti­g­nani and per­formed live by four musi­cians) and to the cho­reo­graphy by Jean Cor­alli and Jules Per­rot, and it exper­i­ments with the “reduc­tion of a piece to a solo per­former”, a form that the Swiss author and dir­ect­or has already worked with in his Phèdre! It is a lov­ing trib­ute and an exper­i­ence to be shared, an ecstat­ic and poet­ic unveil­ing of the cogs and wheels of drama, a mar­riage between text and par­a­text, between the piece and its per­former, that François Gremaud defines in the most gen­er­ous way possible.

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Dan­cer Sam­antha van Wis­sen Concept and sta­ging François Gremaud Music Luca Anti­g­nani, after an ori­gin­al score by Adol­phe Adam Musi­cians (altern­ately) Viol­in: Léa Al-Saghir, Ana­stas­iia Lindeberg Harp: Tjasha Gafn­er, Valerio Lisci Flute: Héléna Macher­el, Sara Antikain­en, Irene Poma Sax­o­phone: Sara Zazo Romero, Bera Romairone Text François Gremaud, from the ori­gin­al lib­retto by Théo­phile Gau­ti­er and Jules-Henri Ver­noy de Saint-Georges Cho­reo­graphy Sam­antha van Wis­sen, after Jean Cor­alli and Jules Perrot’s ori­gin­al cho­reo­graphy Assist­ant Wanda Bernas­coni Sound Cre­ation: Bart Aga Tour (altern­ately): Bart Aga, Raphaël Rac­cuia, Mat­thieu Obrist Tech­nic­al dir­ect­or 2b com­pany & light design Stéphane Gat­toni – Zin­zoline Tour (altern­ately): Stéphane Gat­toni, Johan Rochat

A 2b com­pany production
Cop­ro­duced by Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne (CH) Théâtre Saint-Ger­vais, Genève (CH) Bon­lieu Scène Nationale Annecy (FR) Malraux Scène Nationale Cham­béry Savoie (FR) for the PEPS — Plate­forme Européenne de Pro­duc­tion Scé­nique pro­ject, Théâtre de la Ville – Par­is / Fest­iv­al d’Automne à Paris
Sup­por­ted by the PEPS pro­gram for European ter­rit­ori­al cooper­a­tion INTERREG V.
2b com­pany has a trust agree­ment with the city of Lausanne and a con­ven­tion with the Can­ton de Vaud for subventions.
Loter­ie Romande, Pro Hel­ve­tia, Fond­a­tion suisse pour la cul­ture, Ernst Göh­ner Stif­tung, Fond­a­tion Leen­aards, Pour-cent cul­turel Mig­ros Vaud, Fond­a­tion Suisse des Artistes Interprètes.


With La Renais­sance Mondev­ille, Fest­iv­al À partir du réel

Wed­nes­day Feb­ru­ary 1st after the show

Where and when

February 2023

  • 01
    ccn de Caen en Normandie 8:00 pm
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    ccn de Caen en Normandie 8:00 pm