Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie.

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Les Mariés, même (Bride and Groom, Same)

Shows - installations

In a park, five new­ly­wed pairs wander around wear­ing tuxedos and white dresses and pos­ing for an invis­ible pho­to­graph­er. A piece which sub­verts the codes of wed­ding pho­to­graphy in a sur­pris­ing performance. 

It is a quite usu­al sight on a beau­ti­ful Spring day – some­thing each of us has seen or even been part of before: a newly mar­ried couple wanders around a park pos­ing for a pho­to­graph­er whose lens is meant to cap­ture either can­did shots of the wan­der­ing pair or more staged ones. How­ever, see­ing five couples pose their way around the park for an absent pho­to­graph­er is unusu­al and cap­tures the audience’s atten­tion. This is the concept behind Yvan Cléd­at and Coco Petitpierre’s humor­ous piece Les Mar­iés, même which sub­verts the famil­i­ar codes of wed­ding pho­to­graphy and will be per­formed in Fal­aise for the Danse de tous les Sens fest­iv­al. It is as if the new­ly­weds on the wed­ding cake were com­ing to life in the park; in per­fect uni­son, the pairs go through the ritu­al of pos­ing for “nat­ur­al” shots and stay in their poses for an invis­ible pho­to­graph­er, under the watch­ful (and amused) eye of the spec­tat­ors wan­der­ing around. A quirky and poet­ic per­form­ance which is part of Clédat & Petitpierre’s work on codes and archetypes.

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Concept, cho­reo­graphy Yvan Cléd­at and Coco Petitpierre
With (cast will vary) Max Fossati, Célia Gon­dol, Sylvain Rié­jou, Lotus Edde-Khouri, Massimo Fusco, Cam­ille Cau, Bas­tien Lefèvre, Laurie Giord­ano, Mat­thieu Coulon-Faude­mer, Céline Debyser, Mélanie Cho­let, Sylvain Prunenec, Pau­line Simon, Nic­olas Chaigneau, Céline Angibaud, Edou­ard Pelleray, Robin Ber­thet, Simon Tan­guy, Jean-Chris­tophe Maas, Fanny Par­is, Mar­ie Houd­in, Vanessa Neira, Mar­zena Krzeminska

Dur­a­tion 90 mn

Pro­duc­tion lebeau et associés
Cop­ro­duc­tion Parc cul­turel de Rentilly


With Chorège CDCN Fal­aise Nor­man­die, Fest­iv­al Danse de tous les Sens

Where and when

May 2023

  • 18
    Parc du château de la Fresnaye, Falaise 5:00 pm