Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie.

Mourn Baby Mourn

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In the piece Mourn Baby Mourn, Kater­ina Andreou’s primary mater­i­al is sad­ness and nos­tal­gia. The piece is a solo devised as a dis­tress sig­nal, a vir­u­lent attempt at escap­ing melancholy.

Greek cho­reo­graph­er Kater­ina Andreou’s reflec­tion starts with an intim­ate and col­lect­ive feel­ing of sad­ness and frus­tra­tion whose echoes res­on­ate across oth­er pieces – the texts and thoughts of philo­soph­er Mark Fish­er, who ana­lyzes our 21st-cen­tury soci­ety through this wide­spread mel­an­choly, as well as “haunto­lo­gic­al” pop music, which is peopled with ghosts of the past. More than the exist­ence of these oth­er works, Andreou’s piece Mourn Baby Mourn is fueled by the choreographer’s dis­turb­ing acknow­ledge­ment that she sees per­haps too much of her­self in them. It is this intim­acy and per­son­al dead end that she intends to turn into mater­i­al to write, dance and pro­duce sound; to mourn in Eng­lish means to grieve and lament – a woman’s busi­ness, where the per­son­al and the col­lect­ive meet. With its pop title, Mourn Baby Mourn attempts to escape mel­an­choly through the great phys­ic­al expressiv­ity of Kater­ina Andreou’s move­ments, inspired by “ges­tures which com­bine strength and bore­dom, a strange com­bin­a­tion that is often found in pop culture.”

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Con­cep­tion, text, per­form­ance Kater­ina Andreou
Sound cre­ation and arrange­ment Kater­ina Andreou and Cris­ti­an Sotomayor
Lights and sta­ging Yan­nick Fouassier
Advisors Myrto Katsiki
Video Arnaud Pot­ti­er
Artist­ic advisor Jocelyn Cot­ten­cin

Dur­a­tion 45 minutes

Pro­duc­tion: BARK
Pro­duc­tion — Dif­fu­sion: Elod­ie Perrin
Cop­ro­duc­tion : centre choré­graph­ique nation­al de Caen en Nor­man­die – dir­ec­ted by Alban Richard, for the Asso­ci­ated Artist pro­gram, Les SUBS – lieu vivant dexpéri­ences artistiques, Lyon, ADC Genève, Ren­contres choré­graph­iques inter­na­tionales de Seine-Saint-Denis, La Souffler­ie de Rézé, La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse / Occit­an­ie, for the Accueil Stu­dio res­id­ency pro­gram, centre choré­graph­ique nation­al Mont­pel­li­er — Occit­an­ie / Dir­ec­tion Chris­ti­an Rizzo, le Centre Choré­graph­ique Nation­al dOrléans – Dir­ec­ted by Maud Le Pladec
Sup­por­ted by: Dir­ec­tion régionale des affaires cul­turelles d’Île-de-France, Aide à lexpéri­ment­a­tion : RAMDAM, UN CENTRE D ‘ART
Kater­ina Andreou is Asso­ci­ated Artist for the 2022–2024 res­id­ency in the centre choré­graph­ique nation­al de Caen en Normandie 


With the Caen Theatre

Tues­day April 04 after the show

Where and when

April 2023

  • 04
    ccn de Caen en Normandie 8:00 pm
  • 05
    ccn de Caen en Normandie 8:00 pm