Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie.

CANCELLATION: As part of the mobilization against the pension reform, the public opening of Latifa Laâbissi and Antonia Baehr around their next creation "Colors and Numbers" will not take place on Thursday March 23 at 7 p.m.

Nelisiwe Xaba

Public rehearsals

South Afric­an cho­reo­graph­er Nel­isi­we Xaba’s piece is a per­form­ance in the dark, a solo per­formed out of the public’s sight, which calls on all the oth­er senses.

Nel­isi­we Xaba’s new piece, Blind Spot/Blind Date, is, as the title explains, a blind per­form­ance. The South Afric­an cho­reo­graph­er pro­poses a pecu­li­ar piece, on a dark stage full of wafts of smoke; the per­form­ance hap­pens before the pub­lic but out of its sight, as a mov­ing body cre­ates rhythms and motifs, smells and sounds – breath­ing, run­ning, fid­get­ing, or the rust­ling of a spe­cially designed cos­tume – all amp­li­fied by the sound arrange­ment. To call on our sense of hear­ing, Nel­isi­we Xaba cre­ates a 360° ambi­ent sound­scape which will immerse the audi­ence in a sound cre­ation intric­ately con­nec­ted with the body, whose noises will be caught by micro­phones and pro­cessed live. By pla­cing vari­ous senses and sen­sa­tions at the heart of the pro­ject, Nel­isi­we Xaba con­firms the import­ance of the stage in the per­form­ing arts, after a long peri­od of pan­dem­ic lock­down where many shows have been per­formed and seen behind a com­puter screen. The cho­reo­graph­er opposes the dens­ity of a space shared by an artist and the audi­ence to online digit­al performances.

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Where and when

September 2023

  • 28
    ccn de Caen en Normandie 7:00 pm


Limited seating – prior booking is advised