Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie.

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the departed Heart

Work commissioned from the Norwegian company Carte Blanche

Commissioned work

Echo Flux is a double-bill pro­gramme pro­posed by Carte Blanche, the Nor­we­gi­an nation­al con­tem­por­ary dance com­pany, and based on the encounter between a cho­reo­graph­er and a com­poser. In the first part, the cho­reo­graph­er Alban Richard, is asso­ci­ated with the Franco-Argen­tinean com­poser Sebasti­an Rivas and the cos­tume design­er Rachel Gar­cia for the depar­ted Heart, a highly mel­an­chol­ic piece in which the dan­cers’ breath is trans­formed, in real time, into violas da gamba.

It is fol­lowed by Prim­al by the Argen­tine cho­reo­graph­er Ayelen Parolin and the French com­poser Ezra. Sámi rituals and beat­box­ing are the basis of this ener­get­ic piece that plunges the dan­cers into a search for their shamans.

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Con­cep­tion, choreography
Alban Richard

Ori­gin­al score
Sebasti­an Rivas

With the dan­cer-per­formers of Carte Blanche – the Nor­we­gi­an nation­al con­tem­por­ary dance company
Adri­an Bartz­cak, Car­oline Eckly, Daniel Marib­lanca, Aslak Aune Nygård, Tilly Sordat

Cho­reo­graph­ic assistant
Daph­né Mauger

Rachel Gar­cia

Light­ing design
Alban Richard and Robert Roespel

Sound assist­ant
Max Bruck­ert

35 minutes

the depar­ted Heart is part of the Echo Flux double pro­gramme with Prim­al by the cho­reo­graph­er Ayelen Parolin and the com­poser Ezra.

Pro­duc­tion Carte Blanche (NO)
Co-pro­duc­tion Ber­gen Inter­na­tion­al Fest­iv­al 2019, Grame – Centre Nation­al de Créa­tion Musicale, Centre Choré­graph­ique Nation­al de Caen en Normandie